Sunday, April 26, 2015

What do u do????

Ok,  so the joke since Bryton got her prom dress was that you could get lost in the fluff.....  We had Stake Conference today and Ethan decided he needed to get lost!!!!   I don't make it a habit to take pictures in church,  but it did make me laugh... Also I didn't get very many pictures of Bryton,  so it was a chance for a couple more... 

The rest of the afternoon we pretty much spent "quality time"   with the sleeping Beauty..... I am pretty sure that it is a sign of a good time.....

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Okay, so it only took 18 years, but I think we are FINALLY done with construction.
Okay I won't lie, there will still be small projects and remodeling to happen, but I 
am hoping to NEVER hang a full sheet of sheetrock in my house again.... 
(Unless we build on or something drastic)
We got the carpet put down in November, just before Thanksgiving which gave the teenage 
girls a nice crash pad compared to before... Then we found an affordable couch this month
and finished the window and shelves.  And of course got the sound system
and the TV mounted.  (Gotta have the "Important" stuff to call it done.)

Ethan 5 year old Basketball

Oh the adventures that come with Rec Hall Ball!   
Ethan was allowed to play this year even though he isn't in Kindergarten.

 He learned a lot, and even made a couple of baskets.
His favorite thing to do is dribble the ball!  He just 
dribbled and dribbled and dribbled.... Didn't want to shoot, pass
or really pay any attention to anyone else.  I guess that dribbling is 
probably a good thing to get down young.... He can work
on his shot next year!  

Christmas 2014

Christmas came as usual among the chaos!  I was sick and have since decided that my 
lack of pictures maybe show that... We got up and had pull aparts, and later that day had lunch
at Grandma Pearsons.....   Ethan's big prize was his BIG MAX tow truck!

CL got a Saxaphone..... 
Ethan the Minion
Bryton's finished 3D puzzle
AND the Nerf Gun WARS!!!!!  They all had good fun!

Bryton even tried her hand at some tunes.....

December 20, 2014

 The evening was spent on Temple Square with the 
Pearsons, and the Bloxhams.

Monday, January 5, 2015

California-Solle Naturals- Cousin Time

Solle Naturals Convention was in Irvine CA this year!
Mom and Dad decided to join!  We had a GREAT time!
We had to make a trip to the Beach with Angela of course!  
We were only a little late for the afternoon session but it was 
not for lack of good intentions, just a little detour!
I was so glad that Angela was able to come and spend a couple of days with us!
Not sure what kind of excuses we will have to conjure up next year, 
but seeing her twice this year has been GREAT!
Toes in the sand....... Ahhhhhhh
Angela, you aren't that white! 
Convention was great, the company was amazing and a great getaway!

Turkey Day!

We had an AMAZING Thanksgiving with EVERYONE home!
Addie set up her camera and picked a great spot!

 I ended up with all the boys at my house for the day
and there was lots of fun and Nerf wars!

 It was Beautiful weather for November.

Lilly and Noah
A little too much partying!  LOL